LA punk zines Slash and NoMag scanned, courtesy Circulation Zero.

Ryan Richardson has put up lots of old archival material before, and his latest is Circulation Zero, on which he plans to make available the complete runs (or, at worst, the complete interesting runs) of ancient punk rock history. First up are complete PDFs of Slash (the zine that begat the record label) and NoMag from Los Angeles. Scans as PDFs, as simple as it gets. (Hundreds of megabytes each, be warned.)

I dont want to shock you or anything, but pop music is an industry.

The Atlantic is perturbed and depressed that pop music is created by an industrial process and wants you to be too.

Pop has been a factory literally since day one. The Brill Building was legendary in its day. Since before day one: “Tin Pan Alley” had been a cliche rather than a real place for decades before pop music as we know it started.

The only difference now is that nobody outside the industry knows who Martin Karl Sandberg is (yeah, the Atlantic got his name wrong), but that’s a very minor marketing decision; if it would make more money to make him a star, that’d happen instantly.

And in conclusion, y’all need Bob Stanley.

(HT Glenn Murray via Lionel Lauer)

Dammit Yahoo, stop giving the game away.

Yahoo posted their writeup on Rihanna’s Anti just a little early.

The main difference from the good old days is that we didn’t write up a literal plugin template. But really, if you need to hear the typical mainstream album to review it (with a quick ten seconds per track skim to check, if you have time) you’re just not sufficiently in touch with the kids.

Yahoo Mic Rihanna "Anti" Review